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#wyoartbeat Selfie Contest 2023 Winners
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Winner 2.jpg
Winner 3.jpg

Congratulations to our #wyoartbeat 2023 selfie challenge winners!  In alphabetical order, our first winner is Stephanie Johnson, who photographed her daughter with art of Beth Cleary, who was located at The Choir Loft. Our second winner is Gayle Shaw, who highlighted the leatherworking by artists John and Diana Espy, who were located at Studio 519. Her selfie included Diana, as well as her friend Sara Sapp. Our last winner is Savannah White, who highlighted the Wind Chime Activity at Red Desert Arts. Congratulations to our winners, who each receive $100 in Main Street Money to be used in downtown businesses! Thanks to everyone who came to ArtBeat and we will see you next year!

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