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Gems of Downtown 

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Rawlins Downtown Development Authority/Main Street is celebrating 31 years as an organization. As a proven partner and developer, the organization has raised over $400,000.00 for projects and programs, received more than 5 million dollars in grants, and have reached more than a million people on social media. We are pleased to invite you to join our winning team and continue our efforts for the community by becoming a “Gem” of Downtown.

Rawlins Downtown Development Authority/Main Street is launching a new and exciting Annual Investment Program, “Gems of Downtown”! This NEW yearly program will offer convenience, budget planning and prime marketing opportunities.

As a Gem of Downtown, the program allows for flexibility. Pick your level of investment by choosing the “Gem” that aligns with your personal, business or organizations goals. If you are passionate about the projects that are listed in the “Vault”, please shop ala cart. Make the one-time yearly contribution and Rawlins Downtown Development Authority/Main Street will take it from there.

The Annual Fundraiser has raised over $300,000 for various community projects in the past 13 years for the Downtown. The 2023 Fundraiser proceeds will be allocated for the completion of the Downtown Light project. Downtown will be lit with beautiful lights, inviting people to an atmosphere of elegance and fun. Funding has been raised for this project previously. The completion of the light project will further the community’s enjoyment, beautification and economic vitality of the downtown.


We look forward to your consideration of the Gems of Downtown Investment Opportunity in 2023, when you are determining to whom your charitable contributions dollars will be allocated. Be assured that investing in Downtown Rawlins is a wise investment for your business in our community.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Downtown Rawlins is a vibrant, revitalized, sustainable historic district that is family-friendly with great dining, retail and entertainment for the community and visitors! 

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